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Medias heksejakt av Arsenal


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Et fantastisk innlegg fra en blogger jeg har sansen for.


Kilde: http://ladyarse.co.uk/2011/02/the-hypocris...modern-england/


I wasn’t going to do a blog today. I’ve been busy, and to be honest I was trying to ignore the latest press onslaught on our captain, but after reading the piece on the Guardian I just couldn’t contain myself any longer.


We hear about it all the time – the Premier League is the best league in the world. It attracts the top stars from around the world blah blah blah.


Why then, when it comes to these ‘top stars from around the world’ does the media in the UK seem intent in driving the best of it back to where it came from? The summer avalanche of ‘Fabregas to Barcelona’ headlines didn’t so much smack of reporting as a glee and a ‘let us hold the door open for you on your way out.’


Now we have the latest ‘storm’ to surround Fabregas for that awful crime of daring to get annoyed at a decision that was so laughable and wrong that had it happened on in a park on a Sunday morning it would no doubt have resulted in the officials fleeing from some incensed players.


Make no mistake, the offside which allowed Everton to score their goal was SO far offside that I’m told Stevie Wonder is currently questioning his own understanding of the offside rule.


Which is worse? The captain of a club who gets angry at a diabolical decision or a manager who runs to the press speaking of ‘disgusting’ comments which happened in the so-called ‘sanctity’ of the tunnel? A manager, you should remember who not long ago chased a referee around Goodison for failing to allow his team to complete an attack?


Just as when Eduardo, and then Aaron Ramsey had their leg broken, the press wasted no time in turning on the manager of the players who had just had their legs shattered, trailing him through the press with piece after piece about his ‘ranting’ and ‘whinging’. The victim became the offender.








See a pattern here?


Let’s look at their ‘alleged’ crimes shall we.


Eduardo dives/goes over easily to win a penalty against a Celtic side who were losing and were always going to lose. The reaction? Media meltdown and press coverage the like of which is reserved for serial killers. The fact that when you Google Eduardo and get more images of his ‘dive’ than you do of his broken leg speaks volumes to where the English media keep their priorities.


One dive.




How many have Rooney, Gerrard, Ashley Young and a host of other English stars amassed? So many you can get YouTube compilations of them. Have any of them EVER been subjected to FRONT as well as back page headlines regarding their dives? Have bans been called for any of them?


Then you have Wenger, a man so polite and accommodating to even the most ignorant and obnoxious journalist that it makes me wish he’d throw something at them just once in a while. They ask him questions on everything in football and he responds with a full and intelligent answer. The result? Headlines scream from every paper about him ‘whinging’ and ‘blasting’ players, managers, teams and just about everything and everyone else associated with football.


Then you have Ferguson. A man so nasty and petty that he regularly bans journalists from his press conferences because they’ve said something he doesn’t like, or looked at him in a way he didn’t agree with, or any one of the other hundred reasons he gives (or doesn’t). He hasn’t spoken to the BBC since around 1967, something he is supposed to be getting fined for this season. Has he been fined? Yes. Has he paid them? No. The result? Nothing, Ferguson can do and say as he please and the press will continue to lick his balls for fear that they will be black-listed at Old Trafford.


Want another example? Well, how about when Arsene Wenger wouldn’t shake Mark Hughes hand because Hughes has spent the previous 90 minutes berating and insulting him? Shame on you Arsene. Shame on you for not fulfilling a meaningless tradition and annoying so many of England’s finest pundits. The result? Article upon article about how petty Wenger is and accusations from Hughes that Wenger does ‘not know how to behave.’ Really Mark, really? This from the man who, as I’ve said, spent the previous 90 minutes more interested in goading Wenger.


What about Tony Pulis who had this to say of the incident (you know Pulis, never one to miss an opportunity to have a go at Wenger):


“Arsene Wenger has made a decision not to shake Mark Hughes’ hand, whether that is right or wrong you’d have to ask him. But personally, whether I like or dislike someone, you have a responsibility to show the right spirit of the game. And whether you disagreed with Mark being outside of his technical area at one stage, in the spirit of the game you should still shake hands.


That’s not only for people in the Premier League or Championship, it is also for young teams and young managers to see. You should shake hands, you don’t have to go for a drink afterwards with them for a tittle-tattle.”


Really Tony? Really? So how come you didn’t shake Mark Hughes hand earlier this season? And how come it didn’t generate even a fraction of the same coverage as when Wenger did it? Is actual hypocrisy not as entertaining for the papers and Sky Sports News as the fabricated kind they have no trouble coming up with when it comes to Arsene Wenger?


I have lost track of the disgraceful, disrespectful comments from other managers regarding Arsene Wenger when he has never even come close to saying anything of the same about them.


We’ve had Ferguson, Hughes, Allardyce, Pulis, Brown, the list just goes on and on. Each and every comment from their mouths about Wenger worse than anything he has ever said. Do you hear them called ‘whingers’. No, that’s reserved for Wenger when he dares criticise a player for seriously injuring (or trying) one of his players.


Then you have Fabregas who seems to be the latest darling for the media to focus their venom on. We had spitgate where he was accused (and cleared) of spitting on Hull’s Brian Horton. We had him berated for ‘daring’ to wear a hoodie when he came on to the pitch at full-time. We’ve had a Huddersfield player call him a tit on Twitter and then accuse him of telling his players to fuck off when they asked for his shirt, something the players reported to be involved denied. We’ve had him branded a diver and a cheat for trying to get a player sent off. Did we hear the same when Arteta called for a yellow at the Emirates at the weekend?


So now it seems that the press, having failed to drive Cesc from England in the summer, have changed their tack. They are now accusing him of putting Arsenal’s reputation on the line with his ‘antics.’


Which antics are these? The ones which are fabricated and unfounded? Or the ones which are no worse than those performed by any number of Premier League players on a regular basis?


I’ll be the first to say that Cesc can go over a little bit easily, but is he the only one? Is he the only player to get angry at officials? Have Wayne Rooney, John Terry, David Moyes, Alex Ferguson, Tony Pulis, Phil Brown, or any of the others who have eagerly rushed to the press to have a go never swore at an official? When Darren Fletcher all but shoved Howard Webb to the ground after chasing him like a lunatic there wasn’t ONE SINGLE HEADLINE dedicated to it. Try counting how many Cesc’s unfounded comments have generated today.


Too many, that’s how many.


People often accuse Arsenal fans of being paranoid, that they get no worse coverage than every other club. I don’t agree, but I can see their point, you don’t notice when other clubs and players are being criticised in the press as much as you do when it’s your own.


My only counter to that argument would be ask yourself who the general public think of when it comes to diving, handballs, whinging, and insulting referees.


I guarantee that Eduardo, Henry, Wenger and Cesc will be in the top three (most likely at the top) of those lists. Now ask yourself has there honestly never been a player or a manger who dived more than Eduardo’s once, handled a ball to win a game like Henry, went running to the media to bitch at every opportunity, or berated a referee at every given opportunity. If you can think of someone who has done these things far more often than the Arsenal (and ex-Arsenal) players, then you have to ask yourself why the Arsenal players are the ones everyone thinks of.


Does that seem like paranoia to you?




Jeg kan ikke akkurat si meg uenig i dette innlegget. Hver gang en Arsenal spiller gjør et eller annet, sier et eller annet så blir det blåst opp til tusen av media. Man ser det gang på gang og jeg mener det er temmelig tydelig at britiske medier (og til dels norske som tar stoff fra engelske aviser) er ute etter å skape negativ oppmerksomhet rundt klubben og spillerne våre.


Når Eduardo ble kvestet så var det ingen tvil om at Taylor gjorde en stygg takling, men det var da aldes ikke med vilje? Var jo synd på stakkars Martin som kun gikk etter ball. Det samme med Shawcross som ble så lei seg atte. Dette var da absolutt ikke noe han ville.


Men når Fabregas tar en takling som forøvrig ikke var i nærheten av like grov som de nevnte så blåser media det opp og det var alt de kunne snakke om i flere uker at Fabregas skulle fått rødt kort og at han har blitt en langt mer "dirty spiller".


Det er tonnevis med andre eksempler på heksejakter mot Arsenal spillere, mens spillerne fra Liverpool, Chelsea og Manchester United har fritt leide for mesteparten når det gjelder de samme tingene.


Rooney legger seg lett, men det er greit fordi han er engelsk. Walcott filmer, men det blir ikke dømt straffe pga. en offside samt etter kampen innrømmer han at han kastet seg for å få en straffe og at han beklager dette. Hva gjør media og mange av Englands managere? Jo de mener Walcott burde bli utestengt! Tilfeldig at dette kommer når det gjelder en Arsenal spiller? I think not.


Begynner å bli så jævlig lei av hylekoret mot klubben vår og særlig Wenger. Hver gang vår kjære manager sier noe så blir det vridd rundt og brukes imot han. Nesten sånn at jeg skulle ønske han kjørte litt Sir Sur taktikk og rett og slett boikottet journalister som gjør dette.


Noen andres formeninger om dette?

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Jeg tror mange Goonere har sterke meninger om dette, men artikkelen oppsummerer veldig mye på en god måte. Det må dog sies at visse engelske spillere til tider har fått tyn i media, men i de aller fleste tilfellene var det helt fortjent. Ikke minst lurer jeg på hvor mye tyn disse spillere ville fått hvis de f.eks. spilte på Arsenal. Dobbeltmoralen i media er helt forkastelig, og det har vært så mange tilfeller av dobbeltmoral at jeg nærmest ikke bryr meg om det lenger. Jeg har heller godtatt situasjonen og lar meg ikke irritere like mye lenger. Arsenal er generelt mislikt av media. Selv om laget ofte får skryt får sin pene fotball, er det sjelden man får se rene artikler med masse skryt. Hvor mange ganger har vi ikke hørt om hvor få briter det er på laget eller hvor pinglete Arsenalspillerne er (når realiteten er mer at motstanderne kvester våre spillere)? Nå er det slik at man lettere legger merke til kritikk enn ros i media, men det er ikke tvil om at reflekterte og objektive journalister er noe fotballverdenen har få av. Men det er vel kanskje naturlig når det er et flertall av Man U supportere?


Til slutt må jeg egentlig takke fotballjournalister. Takket være dem har jeg lært at man må være kritisk til det som står i avisen og at de som skriver gjerne hverken har kunnskapene eller står i riktig posisjon til å kunne gi et objektivt og riktig bilde på en sak. Hvor mange falske treningsmyter har ikke kommet ut i media? Eller hva med krisemaksimering tatt ut av kontekst fordi journalister ikke skjønner seg på forskningsrapporter eller har grunnlag til å bedømme statistiske data?


I tilegg blir saker også gjerne kun sett fra én side. Det går ann å forstå en mening/avgjørelse/handling uten at man støtter den eller ville gjort det samme selv!! I min tid som skoleelev ville i alle fall ikke det gitt noen gode karakterer på norskstilene. Dessverre er det alt for mange som faktisk tror på det som står i avisen og lar seg overbevise. Ord og uttrykk blir også vannet ut og misbrukt. Jeg lurer på hvor mange ganger det som blir beskrevet som "et skudd i krysset" faktisk kun har vært et skudd høyt litt til siden for midten.


Jeg er virkelig glad for at jeg lever i en tid med så mye god informasjon som har på internett. Jeg kan velge hvilke eksperter jeg vil høre på, eller rettere sagt de ekspertene som faktisk er verdig tittelen, og sile ut resten av møkket. Dessverre er det et stort flertall av sistnevnte gruppe.

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denne bloggen treffer spikeren klokkerent på hodet! Medias og publikums dobbeltmoral henger som et spøkelse over den engelske fotballen. Men som Magnus87 er inne på, for oss som begynner å bli gamle er vi blitt vant til det, vi har levd med dette hele livet. Men jeg må likevel innrømme at jeg stadig vekk lar meg provosere. Og påstandene om paranoia er typiske, men bør prelle av som vann på gåsa. For "the evidence is incontravertible, there is no need for the jury to retire" (fra "The Trial" - Pink Floyd, The Wall). Dokumentasjonen gjennom mange tiår er så overveldende at dette umulig kan være tilfeldig.


Og episoden med Walcott mot Leeds og ManUs straffe mot Pool i FA-cupens tredje runde oppsummerer egentlig det meste. I Arsenals tilfelle ble det ramaskrik, og Walcott blir hengt ut fordi han faktisk innrømmer sine feil. Og der var dommeren på høyden med situasjonen, og det ble ikke en gang dømt straffe. Og i den grad Walcott skulle vært straffet, så kvalifiserer hans feil vel kun til gult kort, ikke utestengelse slik mange i media mente?


ManU spilleren på sin side benektet alt, enda TV-bildene viser at den episoden var minst like ille. Og der ble det (naturligvis) dømt straffe, en straffe som til og med ble avgjørende... Og media tok ikke en gang noe klart standpunkt til om det burde vært blåst, de skrev bare slapt at straffen kanskje var tvilsom... Patetisk! :rolleyes:


man kan noen ganger virkelig lure på hvor perspektivet og virkelighetsoppfatningen er hos enkelte!

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