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I <3 Arsenal

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Ja, endelig er forumet tilbake.. Har hatt symptomer som tydet på abstinenser mens gunners.no va nede.. Huffoghuff..


Men uansett så tenkte jeg å blåse litt liv i detta tråden igjen, så hvis det er noen ildsjeler som gidder så har jeg meget lyst å lese

24-10-2007 Martin Keown on Arsene's 11

05-11-2007 Sagna on the United game

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Gjekk lettare enn eg hadde trudd.. :P


Kos deg!


- Bac, Arsenal 2, Manchester United 2, a great game and a great finish for Arsenal. What were your thoughts?


Yeah, I think that it was a very hard game for both teams. I think we "had" one half each, one for us and one for them. It`s a good team, and I think we played well. We tried to win, and it doesn`t matter. It was a good point to get!


- You`re unbeaten and you`re still at the top of the table, and you haven`t lost to ManU. Those are three important things for Arsenal, aren`t they?


Yeah,yeah! Of course! I think that at the beginning of the season we thought that we were better then last season, but we want to show people that we can play good football, and that we can stay at the top.


- Two different halves today, the first half was quite tight, quite slow, the second half was very, very quick. Did the goals determine that, the goal at the end of the first half and the goal at the start of the second, that changed things?


I think that in the first half, we didn`t play our football, and at half-time Arsene said that we had to play! We play before 60.000 people and we should enjoy it!


- For Arsenal`s first equalizer,you played a big part, you put the ball back for Cesc Fabregas, you didn`t give up. Just talk us through your part in that goal.


I was on the right side, and I thought that my marker was gone, but it wasn`t such a big chance for me, so I tried to pass the ball to Cesc.


- When Ronaldo scored with eight minutes to go, did you think "that was it" and Manu had won?


No, never! My teammates and I always believed. Every time we were losing, we tried to score, and because of the athmosphere we succeeded in scoring the second goal.


- William Gallas scored an own-goal, and he also scored the equalizer in the last minute. To come back and do that shows a lot of character?


Yeah, I think that it must be difficult when you score an own goal. But I think that he is really professional because he succeeded in playing better and better and... he scored!


- The critics and the press were talking about these two games, Liverpool and Manu as big tests for the Arsenal side. You`ve come through both, you`ve drawn both but you`re top of the table. Do you feel stronger because of the fact that you`ve come through?


Yeah, but they always speak before every game, and we have proven that we can play good football. Shown that Arsenal is Arsenal regardless of who we are playing.


- Is there anything Arsenal should be scared of in the Premier League right now?


No, I don`t think so. We just take one game at the time and try to play our football and we`ll just see at the end of the season!

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