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Her et intervju med vår herlige venstreback Gael Clichy :) Intervjuet er gjort like etter Blackburn kampen en gang, og Gael snakker bl.a om sin egen utvikling, lagets utvikling og hvorfor han ikke har trøye nummer 3 :




Gael, we are just a few games into the new season, how has it been going for you?


Well we could have had an even better start, because we could haven taken all 3 points from blackburn, but we played quite well and we have showed great desire in our

three first games of the season. There is many games to come and this weak is really important so we are first going to be focused for Man City and then to the next game coming up.



You seem a very established player now, but it is the first season you`ve actually started as first choice, because previously it was Ashley Cole and ofcourse last season you were

injuried. Are you aware of the leap you have made the last 18 months or so?


Well I am aware about it, because you know I have been dreaming about this start of the season for five years now, but as I say life is quick,football goes quick so even if I`m now am the first chice at left back, and even you know if I am in a good run of game since last year I think we need to keep working, because maybe if I don`t play good against Man City, the boss will put some one other in, so lets just take game after game and trie to be as good as possible and the rest will come easily.


Do you ever think back to those darker days, `cause the 18 months before the start of last season you had two bad injuries and there were thoughts you might not be the

player you are now?


Well, you know its a bad thing to be injuried for such a long time, but at the same time its a good thing because I need to work on my body-weight and I think I`ve done a good job with the fitness coach, so that was a good point, but at the same time you realize that when you are away from the pitch for a long time you feel the desire again to play for you`re team. You need to progress, you want to progress so I think it was a good thing for me, because maybe I got injuried because I wasn`t ready to take the first place when Ashely got injuried, so today I am here and I am proud to be here and I will try to progress because I have a lot of objectives to achieve yet.


What are the differences between Gael Clichy now and GC twelve months ago?


Well the only difference is that you know I`ve gotten one year older than last year and I have been playing a few games for Arsenal, so people are looking at me differently and they start to see a bit of the quality I got as a player, and I`m going to try to show that I can go even higher and bring the team even higher, because,you know, we play elleven on the pitch and we are a group and need to take this club as high as possible.


It seems now you are a more confident player , you`ve got stronger oppinions on the game and it seems now you are much more prepared to say them. Do you feel you`ve got more inner strength on the back of last season?


Well, you know, when you play 30-35 games in a season it is different from when the number one is injuried so you feel more comfortable and you can say things and have you`re own oppinion, so that`s what I`m trying to do, without doing to much, because you know, I am far away from being the leader on the pitch so I just try to do my job, and if I can talk a bit more for the players and for the club - I will do it, but it is not my job. We have got older players like Jens,Kolo,Gilberto, William to to that, so I just keep focusing on my game and try to add some more. But, like I said - the more you play, the more confident you get, and the more confident you get, the better player you are and that`s just the way it is. So I`m just trying to keep as simple as possible.


Do you have ambitions to play further up the pitch, `cause we`ve seen Manu Eboue going from right back to right midfielder and we saw in pre-season, you did play at the left side of midfield at one point?


Well I think Manu Eboue is a talented midfield and his got all the quality yo need at midfield. So if the boss puts him there it is because he has something to do, for me it is more when we dont have anyone to play on the left wing - I could play for 2-3 games, but I am not midfield so I am just going to keep focused on the left back spot because it is mine since a year and I am going to keep it for many years and progress at this possition, but ofcourse if I can play higher up the pitch it is good for the team and good for me - so maybe I could score my first goal for Arsenal! :)


Well that`s the other thing, you must be asked about that the whole time - when are you going to score your`e first Arsenal goal?


Well, I could have scored against Sparta, I could have taken my chance, but like I said - for me the beuty of the game is to be collective and to make sure you win the game. I had maybe, I don`t know, 90 % chance to score the goal, but Cesc had 99 % so I preferred to give him the ball and he finished the job. Ofcourse it would be a pleasure to score my first goal for arsenal, I woun`t lie, but I am happy with the assist and the way the team is winning games.


If you are a left back and are gonna stay left back, then why didn`t you ask for the nr 3 shirt in the summer? Because it was up for grabs and Bac Sagna got it?


Well, you know I thought about it, I thought about it for a few when i returned from the holidays, but I think the nr 22 is my own shirt since 5 years now and the nr 3 was Ashelys one. If, some day, the boss would ask me if I wanted the nr 3, I would maybe say yes, but today I am happy with 22 because it`s mine.


Big question of the season I suppose, do you feel Arsenal can win the title?


Ofcourse, I think everybody has seen the quality we have. Ofcourse it has only been played two games so it`s really early talking about winning the title, but I think we got the quality to do well this year. We still got the football-quality we`ve had the last 4-5 seasons. We saw that the quality and the mentality changed so we are gonna need to work on this. You know brining points away against blackburn is always difficult for us, so it is a good year to make something happen. No one is, you know, looking for us - everyone is saying Arsenal is out of the run for the title, so we are gonna show that they`re wrong. I think we have had a great start to the season so let`s put everything on the right way together and we can achieve great things this year.


I was gonna talk about that, the fact that no one is talking about Arsenal - can you turn that negative into something positive, there`s no pressure on Arsenal, if your`e up there at the end of the season. That will be a bonus. You can turn that negative into something positive?


Well we have many examples like this, I remember the World Cup in 98 when France won the WC, no one was expecting them even to reach the semi-finals, but they won the competition. I woun`t say it`s a good thing other teams don`t look for Arsenal ,but we got to show everyone because last season everyone was talking about that we were a young side and not hard enough, not experienced enough and we wasn`t mature enough. So I think this season we are really hungry around all this talking and we are going to prove them wrong and show that Arsenal is good this year.


Perhaps one of the benefits having a young side is that you can keep the temper higher for longer, we have seen this already this season, lots of lots of late goals flying in for Arsenal?


Yeah I think it is a good thing, I am not sure if it is because we are young or not, but it`s a nice point. To be hounest, the last year -the boss was telling us the whole time at half time that we needen to carry on, playing like this, with high tempo, because the team we play against adventually can`t take the tempo anymore. We saw the last 10 games of the season last year that we scored some late goals and we are gonna try to do the same this year. But like the game at blackburn we need to kill the game before, we had chances with Philippe, with Eduardo, we had so many chances to kill the game to 2-0, so we need to work on this. The point that we are young is a good point and maybe we can keep longer than the old players.


There were two areas, I thin, needing improvement from last season. Arsenal missed to many chances and let in to many easy goals. Do you think you have corrected both of those problems?


Well, like I said, it is reallt early to talk about that, but what I can say is that we last year conceded many goals by individual mistakes. This season we have played 3 games and made 2 personal mistakes so I think we really need to be focused from the first to the last minute. One example, like last year we lost 1-0 away to West Ham and it was my mistake so we really need to take responsibility, to trie to avoid those mistakes. So if we don`t concede stupid goals like that I think we are solid enough, the defence is quiet good and with the quality we`ve got up front, nothing can happen and I`m sure we will score goals every game.


Champions League match on wednesday night. Arsenal 2-0 up from the first leg, but there is still a job to do?


Oh yeah nothing is done yet. Ofcourse leading 2-0 is good and better than if we had lost and would be having to chase the game. So we got a good opportunity, a good chance and we are going to try to not mess it up. And everyone is confident it is going to be a big game, a tough game. Bit once again like I say, with the the quality in defence, in midfield, up front and with Jens in goal I hope we can qualify with a nice game and beutiful football.


It was a tough game there ( in Prague) and it was a similar tough game in Blackburn. Are you pleased you`ve had these tests early on, because, as you talked about - that was a question mark over Arsenals young side last season ?


You know in the team the spirit has always been good and we are always trying to do the best in those kind of games, but ofcourse I think it is not for us but for the fans, it is nice that we show them that we are ready for these kind of games. In Prague it was a very difficult game, we know some players over there, like Repka the captain, who is a really tough guy so I think Robin showed a great spirit, because it is not his favourite kind of guy to play against, bit he did it for the team and I think that is how we should oplay every weekend. Even if the boss play me at left midfield, it is not my favourite position, but if he put me there it is because I can do good for the team. So it has been good to show everybody that we can be good, not only with the talk but also on the pitch.


And just, finally, you`re assist to Fabregas in Prague to put Arsenal 1-0 up. You did a similar thing in pre-season against Ajax to van Persie. Is that going to be a trade mark to Geal Clichy in the following seasons?


Well at the end of last season people were asking me what I wanted from the new season and I was saying I wanted to add more assists and more goals. So i started with the one to Robin, I don`t know if all the assists will be like that, but I am looking forward to give many balls to the midfield and the strikers, because, you know in football today, the fullbacks are really important to score goals and to give goals, so I am pleased with the way I have done it, I hope everyone enjoy it and I hpoe I will do it against Man City on saturday! :)

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Endelig ferdig, lesestoff til deg på senga :D

Beklager tiden det tok, men har hatt knapp med tid. En del skole og har vært en del borte! Men her er det! Voila!


Bendtner - My goals for the season


Niklas Bendtner, a year ago you played in Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial. How was that experience for you?


Yeah, it was very nice. It was nice to say goodbye to Dennis in a good way, and I think a testimonial game is one of the best one’s. Best way to say it. So of all things it was nice, yeah.


That was the first game at a new staduim. Did it really feel like a special moment in the history for the club?


I think so yes, it’s allways nice to write yourself in to the history books and say you were one of the first players to play, in the new Emirates Stadium. So I think yes, it was a nice thing to be a part of.


You were one of many young players involved, but did Emirates Staduim inspire you a bit because it’s an incentive , to come play back here on a regular basis?


Yeah, I think is a lovely Stadium, but I liked Highbury aswell, to be honest I don’t really recognize the staduim when i play . Of course you can hear the fans, but you get more amazed when you look at it without playing,


Now, after that you went to Birmingham on loan. How much did you benefit from that?


I think it was the right thing to do at that time, I loved the time being there. A good experience, everyone down there was really nice, and we got promoted with what’s the main thing. And now I’m back here to play my part here.


Before that you were playing reserve-team football for Arsenal mostly, and how did the standing compare between reserve-team football and Championschip football?


Ofcourse it’s alot harder in Championschip. A lot quicker, and the players are ofcourse more experince and diffrent level. So I think it was great for me to come there and see that I could play on that level, and be involved in the top and know how to win every game and how the pressure on you.

The Championschip is said to be fastes and most physical league in England. Do you think that is true?


I think physical, yeah. But fastes maybe also, but I think the football being played is wonderful. Everyone goes on and on and on. It comes few flying tacles into! So I think yeah, it’s maybe true.


Did it make you harder then. That year on loan.


Probably yeah, cause you are not used to it in reserve-team football. And you come and have to change your football, to diffrent things. So I think it was nice, to get that ?? and new game too. So it have made me more aware of the physical challenge when I go to the Premiership.


Did Birmingham style of football suite you?


Yeah, I think so. It took a bit of time ot come from Arsenal ofcourse to addapt to it. But as soon you get addapt to it, it was fine.


You scored on your debute, and I looked back to the history books and you have a habbit on doing that . You done it Under 18’s, for your International Team and Birmingham too. Why is that?


I don’t know. It’s just maybe lucky. It could be everything. But it’s allways nice to score on your debute. For the National team was very fun and it was a nice thing for me


It’s huge pressure on Birmingham I think, and to take the trip back to the Premierchip straight away. Is that a parrent for out the season?

Yeah, I think so! We really gave it, and it was the main thing in everyones mind. But I don’t think when you got on to the pitch, trying win the game. And when you won the game you could look at the tabel and say “We are one step closer!”. But I went out there trying to winning every game.


Steve Bruce is a young manager. How did you find him?


I find him a very nice guy, good manager and allways friendly. You could allways talk to him. Also from gaining his experience from being a former player, witch was a good thing for players in Birmingham and people around him.


He was a center-back, how much could he teach a young striker?


He can teach me on one side and another side aswell. Becouse he knows what defenders look for. Then he can say if you do this, the defenders really don’t like that, and he was an inspiration.


Birmingham took a lot of Arsenal players to their team. Larsson, Muamba, Pennant, Kenny, just to say some players. Why is that?


I don’t know, maybe it’s just proving that Arsenal has a good system, to produce players. Alot of the players are still in Birmingham now, as far as I know. That could be one thing. I’m not sure.


And the Birmingham fans, how did they treat you?


They were nice, very good, allways. Most of the time very supportive. And I think they allways had in their mind that we had to get promoted . So some times it could get a bit stressful for everyone, when it did’nt really go the way we wanted. But that’s how it is in football is’nt it!


The fact is that it’s pressure on you week in week out. You can’t get that playing for the Barnet Reserves?


No, of course not! But I enjoyed playing with pressure. It helps, it makes you more really fight. You need to preform and with the pressure on it’s no better way to do it!


When you came up to some of the defenders in Championship, was that any comments or feelings, you know, “that boy is from Arsenal”?


No, I don’t know. I did’nt really think about that. I concentraded on my own game and if they wanted to concentrate on mine, is their foult is’nt it ?But I concentraded on my own game, and then I took it from there!


In the pase years, well, massive things happend. Debute for Denmark Internationale, the 7’th youngest player to play.You must be pride of that?


Well, I have to say it was a dream. Every player wants to play for the Nationale team. So I was really pleas’t (?) (takknemmelig) with that.

And to score a goal on your debute against Poland, then you got one against Portugal aswell. Is it important to get early goals for any team you play for?


Yeah, it’s allways nice to score early, but really the victory is the most important thing. But for strikers it’s allways nice to score. You allways want to score. But the most important thing is that we win the game!


March 2007 you got the only goal against Germany, in a friendly match. You won the game, and that goal have to be one of the most satisfaction’s (beroligende?) goal in your carriere?


Maybe. I think the goal against Poland was the best one. Becaouse it was my debute and it was the first game and everything. But the one against Germany was a nice one to score aswell. But I’m still looking to get my first Arsenal goal


*Bendtner småler*


That’s what we are going to talk about ofcourse, Arsenal. What are your ambissions for this season. Thierry is gone, but it’s still some quality strikers there, so if you are gonne play first team football, it’s gonne be a battle for you to get in the team.


Yeah, ofcourse. As you say it’s still lot of quality strikers, just bought (kjøpt) a new one to. He scored a lot of goals and done really well. But you know I came here with thought’s in my mind that I can “break” in to the team and I still have that so when I get my chance I’m ready to take it.


Has Arsene Wenger said how he will use you in this season?


I haven’t talk to him about that, no!


Okay, but you are know as a very comfident (?) player. Have you allways been that one?


Yeah, everything I do is to think “I can do it” when I enter a football-field. And most of the time I can.


*Begge ler*


You are not affraid to say “I’m good at this! I can do it”. That just the way you are, it’s not a bad thing.


That’s right. But I can also say “I’m not so good at this, it’s not my thing”. But what I’m good at, I don’t mind saying. It’s not a secret, is it?


Does that make you a better player?


I don’t know, it’s very diffrent from player to player. For me my comfident (?) is very important. It’s good for my to think “Yeah, it’s gonne be a good game” when I enter a field. “I can handle everyone“ if you know what I mean. Some players will maybe act diffrently, but for me that’s the way it is!


And you signed a new long-term deal last season with Arsenal. Has that give you more comfidence?


Yeah, it was like a “boost”. Since I was 16 years I wanted a contract with the first team and now I’m there!


You have been “outside” for some years now. Have Arsenal progressed?


I think so, yeah. I think we have done well some times, last season very well. But sometimes we were a bit unlucky. We did not have the nessesarly luck to win some games. But I think we did well, and we got into Europe anyway, and know we just need to get into the Champions League.


And now as Thierry is gone. Do you think Arsenal can fight for the title this season?


Yes, I think we have a chance, yes! As you say, the team is developing all the time (?), and now we have to addapt (?). You know, Patrick went aswell, Dennis, alot of great players have went away with the time and Arsenal are still looking like holding the level and I think we will do the same this time.


Couse even if Arsenal has a young side, were you are a part of it, it’s still presure to preform.


We have to win games, that’s just how football works. But even with a yound squad, I think we are full of energi and everyone want’s to do well, and win games. So I think we have a chance this season!


Any targets you set yourself for this season?


Yeah, of course to break into the team, take the chance when it comes and then do the best I can! I we will se were we will end up this year, hopefully we end up on a top position.


Any numbers of goals you want to set yourself to reach in the first team?


No, I just want to win as many matches as possible and be a part of every match.





PS: Det er ikke ordrett oversatt, har oversatt ganske så likt, men har fått frem det som menes. Beklager også skrivefeil i min engelsk. Er det noe du lurer på, bare si i fra! :P Det var noen ord jeg ikke skjønnte/hørte helt tydelig.

Skrivefeil er det sikkert masse av, men har ikke retteprog. på Word ;) Noe rart her!





Kan noen sjekke ut om det slutter som det slutter, synes det sluttet så brått, så vet ikke om det var noe galt på min!

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Ah, herlig.. Tusen takk skal du ha du flinkeflinke gooner:D

Ska kose meg med dette nå:P

Send PM eller snakk til meg på MSN om noe er uforståelig!

Der det er (?) hørte jeg ikke hva han sa eller er usikker på hvordan ordet skrives..


Kos deg :D Så håper jeg fler blir med på å oversette! Skal ta det andre du ville ha med Bendtner, starter i morgen regner jeg med ;)

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Jeg ser at Arsenal.com har lagt ut skriflige versjoner av eksklusive intevjuer med Wenger og Hill-Wood, umiddelbart etter de kom på ATVO, i forbindelse med Wengers forlengelse av kontrakten.

Kan mailen til vår egen Balsnes ha gitt resultater alledere? Det hadde jo vært gøy!

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Nå har vel Arsenal.com alltid lagt ut slike eksklusive intervjuer på nett - siden det er "store nyheter" - de la også ut det store intervjuet med hill-wood. ATVO drives av andre enn Arsenal.com, så jeg tror at resultatet av mailen til Balsnes kommer kanskje på nyåret, og da i form av subtitles på selve intervjuene!


Men props til alle som driver på med dette her - håper det fortsetter, så skal jeg selv prøve så fort jeg får tilbake internett hjemme.

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Okei Arsenal90, you're on fire!!!


Hmm, i tilfelle det er andre som også vil hjelpe til her så ønsker jeg å lese begge intervjuene med Senderos (5 og 6 sept)og Rosicky - The team has real belief datert den 30 aug.


Er bare å velge en Kris...

Vil høre dette selv, så tar "Rosicky - The team has real belief" i førsteomgang!

Bra du skriver dato, lettere å finne frem til det da :P

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Rosicky - The team has real belief



You said before the tie(?) that you really did’nt want to play against your former team. Are you glad the tie(?) is over now?


Yes, I’m glad it’s over now, and we are through. Of course it was just the first step for us, and we will se who we will draw (trekke) tomorrow..


How did it feel to score against your former team. You did’nt really celebrate(?) (feire)?


Yes, of course.I could’nt really celebrate(?) that goal, beacouse of the history, but I was glad I scored, but it was strange.


Anyway for Arsenal a good job is done, and you are through to the groupe-stage.


Yeah, of course! It was all we wanted, I think they played well aswell, but it was a comfortable victory for us and a good end of the day. So of course we are happy.


Tomas, it was a perfect start scoring that early goal, was’nt it?


Yeah, exactly(?). That was what we needed. I think they thought that if they get a early goal they have the chance.


It’s 10 years in a row now, Arsenal has reach the groupe-stage of Champions League. Descirbe what kind of achievment that is.


I think for a club like Arsenal, have to play Champions League every year. So of course it’s a good achievment 10 years in a row, but I think we have to reach Champions League every year.


How much do you think that .....(han sier noen om en person som scorte tror, men hører ikke navnet pga. mye bil-støy i bakgrunnen. Dessverre)


I think that could only help him couse he scored his first goal for his club, so I think it helped him alot!


And do you have a sense of Theo Walcot imporiving allmost game on game now?


Hehe, of course. Theo is a very good, but still very young on another side. He got plenty of skills.


Now you are through to the groupe stages. Do you think you can go all the way this year?


Of course it’s our goal, everybody in this cup want’s to win the trophy (trofé). On another side there is a lot of other great clubs in this cup, but as I said it was just the first step for us.


The draw (trekkning) is tomorrow. Is it any teams you want to see or not like to see (altså spille mot)?


I don’t care!


It’s a very very young side that the manager choose this evning. How much do you think they can learn. It’s going to be harder and harder test’s ahead when the groupe-stages come out tomorrow. How ready is this side for European competation, at the highest level?


I think we already (skjønner ikke helt hva han mener, men), we showed (har vist det) in the Premier League. We started very good this season and we knoe we have a very good team and I bellive in this team.


Many people said that Thierry would be missed. It do not really look that way. Have you the feeling that he is not so missed as many people thought?


Of course when players as Thierry leave, it’s allmost inpossible to replace that kind of players. But when you see strikers like Robin and Adebayor, they want to be new stars so I think they all have all skills and attidute to try to replace Thierry. So I think we still have really good strikers! (Han er noe uklar her med hva han mener, men tror jeg fikk med meg det han mente)


Ok, thank you for the time!



Kris ~ Igjen, si i fra om noe er uklart, intervjuet foregikk ute og var derfor mye støy fra andre personer/biler etc. Enjoy!

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Senderos on playing for Switzerland


International week, it’s less than a year to Euro 2008, how are the preperations?


Well, we had a few good games with Swiss and we can feel that the country is behind us. More and more we getting closer to the day when we are going to play in our country in the European Championchip. So that is exating and you can see the hole country is getting exated too!


Swiss football have not, with all respect, to many highlights in is liftetime. This got to be right to the top?


Yeah, deffently, this is one of the biggest competisions. I think the second biggest competision after the World Cup. So for the countrys like Swiss and Austria, who are hosting this competision it’s a huge thing to have.


The Swiss mangager, Jakob Kuhn, has a police to getting the strongest “motstander”. You played against the German and the Dutch. And your thoughts on that?


It’s great for us, couse we got a young team too with the National team and it’s great experience to play against the best teams in Europe and the world. We played Argentina, we played Brasil, we played Germany and Holland resently, and it’s great to have good “motstandere”. We can only get better, and with the results that we been having, and the preformence we have showed, we can see that the Swiss team is getting better and we all getting positive results from that.


Is it a flipside to it, because you can’t win all the matches couse it’s strong team’s. And win makes comfident.


Yes, we beat Holland, it was a great atchivement (?) for us, couse the Swiss team have’nt beat a top-10 team ever, so it was kind of a historic win even if it was a friendly. You know, for us, we are all happy to play against good teams couse maybe it takes a little bit of the pressure of, and we give everything against the big teams and we are not having friendly games, but prepreations (?) games. Normally it’s kind of difficult if you play a lower team, you know, so to play a good team on a friendly match which is for us a prepreation (?) match, and every one wants to show that we are a good team.

It’s allways hard to find if you are the host team, the competteting (???) edge. So important to you ................ Are they hard to find? (Så mange ukjente ord her, og utydlige at jeg går helt i surr. Snakker noe om treningskamper som forberedelse)


Deffently! Thats why the police of playing big teams is good.


Comming up, you have Chile and Japan. Your thoughts on that?


They are a bit less stronger that the teams we played before.The European teams are qualifyed (?) (kvalifisert) so we have to find other teams, Japan is still good and Chile too, so it’s going to be interesting. It’s diffrent type of football, and we going to have to addapt to that!



Ikke store intervjuet, men kos deg :P Hehe

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Heihei.. Nå har det vært en par uker med masse spennende fotball og intervjuer. Det er en hel del som jeg har lyst å lese,så jeg bare legger ut mine ønsker og håper at noen tar en av de.


17-09-2007 -Wenger on the win at Spurs

17-09-2007 -Diaby on beating Spurs again

20-09-2007 -Fabregas post-Sevilla

22-09-2007 -Lassana Diarra Post-Derby

26-06-2007 -Fabianski on his debut


På forhånd takk

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Beklager at jeg ikke valgte et av de intervjuene du hadde ført opp der, men jeg hadde allerede pekt ut et intervju jeg hadde tenkt å oversette før jeg gikk inn i tråden her, og så lista di.. Kan hende jeg tar ett av de andre ved en annen anledning, men de begynner jo å bli noelunde gamle også nå.


God lesning, Danincha! :P


Exclusive: Wenger on Steaua


The victory against Sevilla, we hope has opened the group for Arsenal. However, it needs to be followed up ...

-Yes, you know, always, like in the championship infact, in the group stage, you want to do well at home, and away. And that is the target at Steaua.


I'm sure you've been scouting them since the draw, what can you tell us?

-They go with a littlebit disturbance, because they got rid of their manager. I had a meating with him in Geneva, and one week later they got him out of his job. So at the moment they through a disturbant time, and I don't know if it will have a positive og negative effect on them. But let's first go there, and play well, and then we have a chance of beating them. And it would be a major, major strenghtning of our positition.


Is there a danger of taking them too lightly?

-There is always a danger of not respecting your opponent enough. And I think a sign of maturity for a team is first to show that, and with ten years experience in the Champions League, I know that no one will gives you the points easily. And aswell the sign that we have matured, will be to show that we are 100% focused in this game.


And Steaua will be probably a littlebit like going to Zagreb, Kiev or Moscow, and sometimes the pitches isn't the best, the stadiums isn't the best.. their very hard ...

-Very hard. Steaua has quite a good pitch usually, and they are used to play good football, they dominant their league, but anywhere Arsenal goes, there are 100% commitment, and everybody is up for it, especially the crowd, so you know that you go to a hot place.


Teams in countries like Hungary and Poland, it has a history, but it's probably not at it's top of it's history at the moment ...

-No, but Steaua has a great history; they have won this cup, you know, and at the moment, they are a littlebit paying the price with the best players moving out of the country, very quickly, what was not happening before. The communist regime collapsed, because they had to stay there until the age of 28, and they could build good teams within the country. I'm convinced that that will change again, because now you have an emergance of rich people there, and they are capable of founding this clubs, and keep the best players.

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