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The Tyrant and the Professor: Arsenal, Man United and a tale of two rulers


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The surreal world of Premier League football at the summit. Meet the Three Musketeers, the two bulldogs and Potter the boy wonder, perhaps over a prawn sandwich or two...


Dear Friends,


In a far far away land, there once live a ruler who ruled his country much like the Qin Emperor in ancient China. He had a big red nose and would scream at his servants whenever they did something wrong. The Tyrant had a huge love for the game of football and recruited the best in and around his country with the large amount of reserves he possessed. The huge reserves were contributed from high prices of home tickets to watch his team and unknown sources from America.


The tyrant had his way of cajoling and shouting at his team that somehow brings out the best in them. Not a nice way, but effective as he would always say. In fact, he was very proud of his famous 'high dryer' treatment on all knights and slaves in his team. With this method and the great money he had, he enjoyed a long-term success with his football team winning and dominating the league in his country.


Then one day, a brilliant and likeable Professor came along and started to build a small country beside the tyrant. He, too, had a love for soccer, but his approach was to scout for the young talents in and around the country and slowly nurture them into brilliant players. His arrival was surrounded in mystery and speculation, but the results spoke for themselves. Within a few years, it was evident that the brilliant Professor was an equal or more to the Tyrant. His team wrested the league title away from the Tyrant a couple of times and started to dominate the league with an ever-flowing passing game.


As the Professor's team grew exponentially, so did the names of the players. The Three Musketeers were born; one an ever-ready, ever-stable midfield anchor named V, one tricky winger who had an eye for goal call P and a lighting fast finisher called H. Together, they were a Very Powerful House leading the league table again and again.


Of course, the Tyrant was angry and jealous of the success of the Professor. He chip-and-chopped his team and even sacked his aging captain. Fair to say, the equally fiery and vocal captain had long passed his use-by date. However, the manner of the removal was upsetting to many fans. Prawn sandwiches never tasted so good.


Cutting the long story short, the Tyrant ployed more change and his team now contains two bulldogs, a dancer, two divers and some clowns. They remain strong and powerful and as arrogant as before. Having wrestled the title back last season, even the bulldog is arrogant enough to declare that the Professor's team have no chance of winning the league this season.


On the other hand, the three Musketeers have all left the professor to pursue their own career. With his emphasis on youth, the Professor now holds the next boy wonder, Potter. The midfielder is a wizard on his own; dancing on both feet and shimmering past opponents with slight caress of the ball at his feet.


With a 2-2 draw just secured on Saturday night, the Professor's team sits pretty at the top of the league with a game in hand over the Tyrant's team. Did anyone hear the bulldog's bullsh** again?

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Utrolig bra :)

Spesilet denne setningen:

Cutting the long story short, the Tyrant ployed more change and his team now contains two bulldogs, a dancer, two divers and some clowns
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