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Arsenal fanshare


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Så dette på Newsnow å vurerer å hive meg på! Noen andre som vurderer eller har hevet seg på?



Only four months into its life, Arsenal Fanshare invested £290,992 into the Arsenal Football Club. In the subsequent two months, I assume it’s gone well over £300,000, and will soon be topping half a million.


Already, there are more Arsenal Fanshare members than regular shareholders in the club.


If you’re still not aware how this works, it is roughly as follows:


You join Arsenal Fanshare

You pay a monthly amount into your Fanshare account, which you can manage online however you like

Every time your balance hits enough to buy a “Fanshare” (1/100th of a share) it automatically executes and buys it

You own those Fanshares, just like ownership of any other stock

I joined Fanshare straight away and now own several mini-shares. Delightfully, they’re already worth more than I paid for them. The idea of Fanshare is to boost the amount of the club owned by supporters, so it’s best if you don’t flog them for a profit. But the fact that it’s a wise investment is certainly a boon.


You can invest as little as £20 a month, while there is no upper limit. Each Fanshare costs a little over £100 (depending on market rates).



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