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DDE (Devil's Death Ensemble)


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Dette er klippet fra VGs debattforum.


Tatt fra et norsk musikkforum på worldwideweb........


De medvirkende:

Person 1 (tilreisende utlending og norsk black-metal entusiast) Person 2

(Skrapparkar...?) Person 3 (en annen nordmann)


Person 1:


Hi! Im planning a trip top norway next year, and i want to be prepared.

Wich norwegian artist / band plays the most evil and satanic music? I'll

ordner the cd's, I think.


Person 2:


A group called DDE (Devils Death Ensemble) har released some classic

satanic art. Some of their trax: "Her blir det liv" (Resurrect the dead)

"Vinsjan på kaia" (Hanged by Satan) "Vi skal sjå sola ned i havet"

(Bringing down the sun) "Rai Rai" (Kill KIll) and "E6" (Road to hell) are

truly desecrating songs designed to bring forth visions of torment and

hell. A crazy gang of devil worshippers. Grellt! But the most evil and

satanic art from Norway is delivered by a guy who calls himself "Sputnik"

(-satan- from old norse literatur). Check out anything this guy has done.

He is truly evil incarnated. Truly a bad ass motherfucker.




Person 3:


Det der er dårlig gjort det....


Person 1:


Hi, Skrapparkar


Thank you for the recomendations.! Yesterday I ordered some cd's of DDE

and SPUTNIK. Im looking forward to enjoy some dark, evil music from the

crib og black metal, Norway. Do they scream and growl in English or

norwegian? To the others who have replied, please write in english as i do

not speak norwegian (other than a few words. Sputnik / Satan!). And why is

Garth Brooks mentioned? Country is crap!


Person 2:


DDE growls in an ancient dialect hailing from the viking-age; trøndersk.

Sputnik uses a form of dialect not heard in Norway since the black plague.

He is actually a very intellectual guy, he has a master-degree in ancient

norse linguistics. You will not regret checking out these masters of evil.

Enjoy and Burn in hell my foreign friend. See you at Inferno & be sure to

promote DDE and SPUTNIK to all your friends and allies. Hail! "

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